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Outsource Your Compliance Work

Paperwork in the motor carrier industry is never ending. It is necessary, complicated and aggravating. Most importantly, is non-income producing. Time spent on regulatory compliance does not earn you any profit. When you pay your employees to do compliance work, you are paying them not to make money for your company. It makes more sense to have your employees perform tasks that generate, or add to, your profit.

This can be accomplished by out-sourcing your regulatory compliance work. Consultran, Inc., provides a wide range of regulatory compliance services. Save yourself time and the aggravation of compliance work. Put your paperwork in professional hands and let the experts at Consultran handle your compliance needs.

fuel and mileage tax reporting
title services
federal and state authorities
fuel and mileage permits
and more!

Take That First Step Today!

Our clientele consists of for-hire trucking companies, owner-operators, towing companies, private carriers, finance companies and leasing companies. No matter what state or province your business is located in, we can handle regulatory compliance needs.

Take that first step to get compliance paperwork off of your desk. Call Consultran and find out how we can help. Let us hassle your paperwork!

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